Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Being a remnant

I told you I would never stop blogging.

One of our didactics experiences in residency is to be part of a "process group," which is essentially a therapy group composed of residents where we talk about our interactions and supposedly learn more about ourselves as therapists.  It's co-facilitated by two faculty members, a young psychiatrist and a semi-retired psychologist.

Today I had an experience which reminded me of my liberalism seminar in medical school, the one that provided so much fodder for blogging 5-6 years ago.  Today the group was small, with several residents and the young psychiatry facilitator absent.  One of my co-workers had just returned from a vacation to Hawaii, which she found a very pleasant place, and mentioned that Honolulu has a very low crime rate.  The discussion soon turned to the relatively higher crime rate in our city, and from there to the incidence of various crimes such as school shootings and the "knock out game."  This being a liberal society, and my co-workers being liberals by default, such discussion soon prompted unfavorable comparisons of the USA to other "developed countries," namely those of Western Europe, and speculation about the reasons for the difference.  Again, this being a liberal crowd, suggested reasons included gun ownership, lack of socialism, etc.  Of course, I held my tongue, since what I wanted to say was that the reason the USA has so much more violent crime is that we have a large black and Hispanic population, but, despite the fact that we have been assured that anything mentioned in group stays in group, I dare utter no such thing in any work-related environment.

Several people, our facilitator included, seemed to find it important to mention several times (particularly at the mention of the "knock out game" that "this can happen anywhere.  To this, I made one of my few comments during the discussion: "it doesn't happen in Smalltown" (a small town about 45 minutes outside of the city, a pleasant exurb with tree-lined cul-de-sacs and a nationally ranked school system, which is of course almost entirely white.)  Our facilitator was quick to say "ohhhh, yes, it does happen in Smalltown!" with a pseudo-knowing air, as if to say "don't be so naive."

When I got home, I googled crime stats.  Figuring the knock-out game would be counted as assault, I focused on assault numbers.  In the city, in 2011, the most recent year available, there were 463.9 assaults per 100,000 population.  In Smalltown, there were 47.1, or one-tenth the incidence.  The absolute number of assaults in Smalltown was 11.

So of course, it doesn't happen in Smalltown.  But why was our facilitator so adamant that it did?  Why did everyone seem to find it so important to reassure each other that "it happens everywhere!"  Well, for one thing, this fits with the modern liberal view of crime as a "random" act.  Since crime happens "randomly," it must be the case that if happens everywhere.  Also, if it does not in fact happen everywhere, if in fact we are safer in some places than in others, we may have to draw unpleasant conclusions about why this might be.  I think that the liberal mind heads itself off at the pass--even if one has not yet consciously contemplated the notion that there are, shall we say, demographic realities associated with crime, one's unconscious mind can sense that one's thought process is going in that direction, and cuts itself off.

Later in the day, a more sinister thought struck me: they want it to happen in Smalltown.  The left desires the destruction of traditional white Western European Christian civilization.  They desire the dispossession of the white race.  Not only do they want to ruin cities, but they don't want white flight to be possible.  They don't want whites (or Asians--several members of the group were Indian) to be able to live safe, pleasant, comfortable lives in places like Smalltown, free from the unpleasantries associated with less high-functioning populations.  This contradicts the leftist vast social leveling project.

This is why there was no point in attempting a rejoinder to "oh, yes, it does happen in Smalltown!"  Even if I'd had crime stats on hand, which I didn't, the facts weren't really the point.  The point is was that there is nothing we can or should do about these problems; we whites should let them wash over us like a vast tidal wave, obliterating our unfair white-privilege-gained existences.

Thinking about this brings back to mind this post, one I have reread several times in the last few weeks.  I'm particularly struck by the comment by New Sisyphus, who pointed out:

To be a traditional conservative in today's America is to reject, as a matter of course, almost everything one sees and hears. This is an enormously draining experience, one that causes a great deal of mental friction, conscious and unconscious.
And, given that overwhelming tide, yes, it is very hard for one who feels this keenly to imagine it being overturned. It's just so dominating. One hopes in vain for a sign--and sign--that it is being resisted, but it's not, not in any real way. There are individuals and small groups here and there, but the liberal message is unchallenged in TV, in the academy, in the professional organizations, in the movies, in the newspaper, in the elementary school, in the charity, in the church, in the government. 
This overwhelming wave assaults the conservative daily in a way a liberal cannot begin to imagine. It is a life under siege, seeing the enemy, yet powerless to do anything about it as it marches to its inevitable victory. 
I certainly felt like that this morning.  Virtually every hour of every day, one is assaulted with a wave of liberalism and is powerless to resist.  And since I wrote that post, things have not gotten better.  Barack Hussein Obama has been elected President of the USA, twice.  We have a grotesque federal health care law which, while not socialized medicine (leading the left to call it "right-wing" and "a gift to the insurance companies,") seems intended to destroy the insurance system and put us on the path to single-payer.  Same-sex "marriage" is spreading, state by state.  And all the while, the best "conservatives" can do is to claim that leftists are the true racists and sexists, and "conservatives" are the true champions of women and nonwhites.

I can't really draw this to a momentous conclusion.  I suppose I'm just venting.  But given the relentless leftward march of our society--and the intent to destroy every last "whitebread" Smalltown on the map--it's not clear how we can live traditional lives, even as a remnant in an enclave of like-minded people, assuming one can find any.