Wednesday, August 8, 2007


This post marks my first foray into blogging. I am a conservative, a Christian, and a "non-traditional" (i.e., older than average) medical student who approaches life from a traditionalist perspective. Recently, I have had so many opinions on such a varying range of topics popping into my head that I decided I should write them down in a place where those who agree can hopefully be edified, and those who disagree can hopefully challenge me to refine them. My experiences in medical school so far have been especially rife with fodder for opinion pieces and essays, seeing as how most of today's medical students, to put it mildly, do not feel much kinship for conservative or Christian views. I hope to offer commentary on politics, culture, religion, and the world of medical education on my precious few study breaks.

I hope you enjoy the blog, and please don't be turned off by its simplistic appearance so far--I'm completely new to this, and expect to refine both the look and the content extensively as I gain experience.


Dennis Mangan said...

I wouldn't worry about the appearance; it looks fine. Write good content and the readers will come. Good luck on your new endeavor.

Hermes said...

Thanks, Dennis. I enjoy your blog. By the way, since I'm new to this, I have no clue how to drive traffic here; if you have any tips on attracting readers, I'd greatly appreciate them.

John Savage said...

Hermes, welcome to the traditionalist blogosphere! I saw your blog mentioned over at Vanishing American. It sounds like you have much to add. And having VA on your side will never hurt.

In my experience the best way to get traffic is to cite some posts from other blogs with similar views. If they have a SiteMeter, then they’ll see that someone cited them, and they may want to write a response that directs people back to your post. I have a lot of dialogues with VA and Terry Morris of Webster's Blogspot this way.

Also, if you just want to get hits, just mention Ron Paul frequently, whether you like him or not!

Have fun!

Mark said...

Good luck with your blog. I'll be checking in periodically. I see you added my blog (Western Survival) to your blogroll. I'm flattered. I'll be adding yours to mine.