Monday, September 3, 2007

Quote of the day

I just saw John Edwards on the news speaking at a Labor Day rally, and he made the following statement:

"America was built by men and women who were steel workers, who were mine workers..."

Really, Mr. Edwards? It's news to me that America was built by female steel workers and mine workers. I can't imagine how miniscule the number of female steel and mine workers is even today, let alone what it was when the industrial revolution was first getting off the ground.

Making such absurd statements must necessarily result from liberalism, with its axiomatic belief that all people must be totally equal and differences of either the individual or group kind must not exist. We've been hearing the same kind of thing from politicians with their constant reference to "servicemen and women" or our "sons and daughters" who fight to defend our country, phrases which are by now de rigeur for even "conservative" Republicans.


Terry Morris said...

Yes; this results from liberalism. The same liberalism that teaches that this country was established by people of all faiths.

Nice blog, Hermes. I ran across it over at VA's in one of your comments.


single/certain said...

i'm def not a flaming liberal, but there was a small number of women who stepped up at war time to take on what had previously been men's work... rosie the riveter and all that....