Sunday, October 14, 2007


My dear, few but loyal readers:

I have been working on draft versions of a few posts over the past few weeks, but without having actually completed any of them, I now find myself in the final two-week period before a week of huge exams. I therefore think it wise to not even attempt to blog for the next three weeks. Putting patients first requires passing one's exams, I believe.

Please return after that time, when I hope to have a few new interesting posts up, including a discussion of the MCAT promised to Terry Morris, a question of whether sexual liberation dissuades men from becoming traditionalists, and a comparison between a Philip K. Dick short story and the nihilism of today's liberals.

Hermes, your future trad-con doc


Anonymous said...

Philip K Dick - the Prophet and Seer of the 21st century - i'll be back!

Seriously, I enjoy your writing and look forward to this essay when you have the time.

Terry Morris said...

Hermes, has it been three weeks yet? ;)

Hope everything's well.


Hermes said...

Terry, it has now. :)

Anonymous said...

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