Thursday, February 21, 2008


I apologize to the (few) appreciative readers I garnered over the first few months of this blog's existence. I really had planned to post more often, but school has only grown ever-more time-consuming, and my poor time-management skills (there's a downside to having been the type who could get away with goofing off and then cramming the night before tests when you were younger) have caught up with me. As those skills improve, my hope is to at least get something up every weekend, though I can't guarantee even that. Unfortunately, blogging in mid-week has become all but impossible.

I have a substantial backlog of drafts or post ideas I just need to get around to finishing. In the meantime, I'd like to spotlight two links. The first, via Dennis Mangan, is a blog I've just added to my blogroll: Delenda est Carthago. The blogger there, Phi (like Mr. Mangan, I have no idea how to reproduce the Greek letter,) has some excellent observations on race and sex. The second, Free Market Cure, is devoted to combating socialized medicine and promoting fixes that preserve freedom in health care, something you should care about if you want to uphold the traditional American value of self sufficiency, especially the self-sufficiency of the family.


Dennis Mangan said...

Regardless of your posting schedule, I value the comments you've made on my blog, as well as your thoughts here. How medical school leaves you time left over for anything I don't know.

Hermes said...

Dennis, thanks for your kind words. Perhaps medical school doesn't really leave me as much time as I think it does, but I have to do something other than study--especially since I spend my week surrounded by delusional leftists.

Anonymous said...

Philip K Dick?