Saturday, January 31, 2009

Reason women don't belong in politics #2370293847

I give you Maira Kalman.
Is this illustration intended to commemorate, perhaps, Easter Sunday? Why, no, of course not, this is the New York Times. It's about the inauguration of our new Messiah, President Barack Hussein Obama. The creator is one Maira Kalman, whose Wikipedia entry claims she is both "an American" and "born in Tel Aviv." To me, those two statements contradict each other, unless she 1) was born to American parents who happened to be living in Tel Aviv, or 2) is naturalized. A Google search for biographical information her found no sources which might explain whether either of those two things is true.

Anyway, you can look at the entire entry by clicking on the link above. Apparently, her "blog" at the Times consists of pages of these illustrations. This one contains a list of all sorts of different reasons we should exclaim "Hallelujah!" upon the inauguration of President Barack Hussein Obama. If you have traditionalist sympathies, the list provides as good a reason as any why women should not have political power. For example, my favorite is the third-to-last panel: "For being smart again. And sexy again. And optimistic again." Because God knows, America just wasn't sexy enough under George W. Bush. This reminds me of how, the day after the inauguration, several of my female classmates were discussing how much they loved Michelle Obama's dress and how excited they were to have a First Lady whose fashion they can follow closely.

I was alerted to Maira Kalman's blog by a classmate who posted the above entry as, uh, his or her Facebook status. I'll give you three guesses as to the sex of this individual.


Smith/Wesson said...

I'm inclined to agree with you. My medical school also has the Girl Power types who adore Michelle Obama to the point of deifying her. Their political views are vacuous and self centered. I get the feeling that the younger generation of women will vote us into outright socialism (with the help of minorities, of course). With Obama and liberal democrats commanding a large portion of the young white female vote, we'll be living in interesting times very soon. Good to see you occasionally posting again.

Laurel Loflund said...

As a woman, I must apologize for that drivel. Apostate drivel at that.

Just makes you want to toss your cookies sometimes, doesn't it? It sure does it to me.

God bless, good to see you back,

Anonymous said...

I completely agree!

Terry Morris said...

Reason #2370293848: Nancy Pelosi's ridiculous cheerleading ritual during Obama's speech last night.

SavvyD said...

I will agree that the first lady has a certain star quality. My analysis involved sitting at the "geek" table after church discussing all the hot topics beyond that and the media's love affair with the Obamas. Other than that, I wonder now why women are so stupid sometimes.