Thursday, August 7, 2008

How to become a traditionalist in one easy lesson

In the recent entry Michael Novak: Americans love belonging to a real, concrete nation, commenter Smith/Wesson wrote that the Republican party currently contains an "unholy combination of Evangelicals, neocons, and corporate interests," which sparked me to comment on how liberal corporations are.

I thought this bore repeating in a separate post because to my mind, it brings to light the crucial realization that brings one out of mainstream conservatism and into traditionalism. In our world, mainstream conservatives and Republicans are always using liberal arguments to advance what are seen as conservative policies. For example, conservative columnists will argue against affirmative action on the basis that it keeps black people down and is therefore racist. George Bush pushes tax cuts, saying that they will stimulate the economy and create jobs, thereby helping poor people. Now, the standard view on the left is that these people don't really mean what they are saying: conservatives really hate black people and want to oppress them; that is their real reason for opposing affirmative action, but they know that argument won't hold water in modern society, so they make up a phony excuse about how it hurts black people. George Bush really hates poor people and just wants to pass tax cuts to help his rich buddies get richer off the backs of the poor; but he knows he couldn't get away with it if he admitted that, so he makes up the bit about how tax cuts will stimulate the economy and create jobs for poor people. And the standard view of the rank-and-file mainstream right is similar: conservatives oppose affirmative action because it is unjust, George Bush supports tax cuts because such a progressive tax system is unjust, but the left is crazy and won't listen to these arguments so they make up some phony liberal arguments to appease the left.

The realization that these standard views are wrong, the realization that the reason conservative columnists say they oppose affirmative action because it hurts black people, or that George Bush says he supports tax cuts because they will create jobs for the poor, or that corporations say they love diversity and create executive-level Chief Diversity Officer positions, is that those people really believe those things--is the realization that mainstream conservatism itself has become liberal. And that was the key realization, the epiphany, that brought me out of mainstream conservatism and into traditionalism.


Smith/Wesson said...

Corporations are definitely the ones who tow the diversity agenda(besides government institutions). They are also becoming more integrated with the federal government. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 gave the federal government a direct route to intervene with private businesses in order to dictate who they can hire and who they can do business with. Corporate diversity was born. The heads of these diversity departments are often white women, who were the main beneficiaries of affirmative action. No doubt this monster will become more anti-white and anti-male in the future.

As for Republicans, a change in strategy is necessary for them in order to appeal to younger white voters. Hispanics aren't going to vote Republican, and they know it.
The only way out for them (temporarily) is to push a more libertarian agenda. This would appeal to at least some 18-30 year old RonPaulbots, who claim to be "economically conservative" but "socially liberal" (which means they like money, but also like sex and drugs). The Republican party is going to drift even further from traditional values, whose role will be filled by nanny state socialism/communism in the end anyway.

Hermes said...

That reminds me of how Steve Sailer crunched the numbers in 2000 and showed that if Bush had won 57% of the white vote instead of the 54% he did win, he would have cruised to a landslide victory, and even if no whites at all had voted for him, he still would have won! So why does he spend so much time pandering to nonwhites, speaking Spanish, trying to open the borders, etc? It's not to get elected and increase his own political power, for it's costing him those things; it's because he really believes in it.