Saturday, August 30, 2008

Why Obama's candidacy may be disastrous for America

I recently posted on the negative consequences of an Obama presidency, with the disclaimer that of course I don't think a McCain presidnecy would be good for America either. But quite apart from whatever negative consequences result from John McCain's policies, I also think an Obama defeat could have disastrous consequences for our society as well. For this reason, I think we're already in a very bad place merely for having Obama be a contender for the presidency.

First, let me remind readers of my view, contrary to some of the more optimistic (or maybe less pessimistic) traditionalists, that most white liberals will never wake up and abandon their liberalism. Nothing can dissuade them from the view that all people must be totally equal and that any problems associated with nonwhite, non-Western peoples are caused by white racism. They would literally rather die than come to believe otherwise. With that said, allow me to spell out a possible chain of events which could happen should Obama win in November.
  1. Barack Obama takes office in January of 2009.
  2. Despite having achieved what was thought of as the highest possible victory, putting a "black" man in the White House, blacks continue to lag behind whites in school achievement, in average income, in crime rates, and virtually every other commonly examined marker.
  3. Since everyone knows that blacks' problems are caused by systemic racism, this proves that America is even worse, even more racist, than we thought. We thought we had overcome racism by electing a black president, but far from overcoming it, we've discovered that it's even worse, because even having a black man in the White House has not made blacks equal.
  4. With their anger at whites inflamed by this supposed racism, and emboldened by the sense gained from having one of their own in the White House that they are winning, that they've got whitey's number, blacks begin to attack whites with even greater fury. Black-on-white robberies, rapes, and murders increase, and educated, "respectable" blacks like Jeremiah Wright turn up the heat on their constant denunciations of whites and their calls for white America to give up ever more for blacks.
  5. Again, all of this is seen as a consequence of our racism, so even more must be done to combat racism. Congress passes a slavery reparations bill which calculates the value with interest of 40 acres and a mule in 1865, and pays that amount to every black person in America. Anti-racial profiling laws are passed which are so restrictive that it becomes virtually impossible to arrest black criminals. Bold new affirmative action programs are instituted nationwide and enshrined at the highest level of federal law. It becomes virtually impossible for any employer ever to fire a black person for any reason. New zoning laws are created, aimed at forcing racial integration, making it extremely difficult for whites to move to all- or mostly-white neighborhoods. Who knows what other manner of yet unconceived tyrannical laws are passed and institutions created to combat our supposed racism.
  6. None of this works, which only proves that America is yet even more racist that we had thought in #3! So, even more must be done, and blacks' anger at whites increases again. Return to step 4.
  7. Society plunges into chaos. Crime rates skyrocket, and whites everywhere live in fear for their lives. Even white liberals acknowledge they live in fear for their lives, but they blame this problem on racism and conservatives. White liberals continue not to have children, so nonwhites' power over whites continues to increase. There are pockets of traditionalist whites here and there, who recognize the problem and who continue to have children, but they are prevented from gathering into an organized resistance by the fact that they are so scattered, by the aforementioned zoning laws, and by internet companies' shutting down our blogs and online fora for their racist hate speech.
  8. As the lights go out in America, the last white liberal lies in the street bleeding to death of a black gang member-inflicted gunshot wound. (I always picture this person as the hippie social worker who is in charge of our weekly liberalism seminar in med school.) Her dying words are: "if only our society hadn't been so conservative and racist."

Now, this is a pretty depressing picture, and I'm not saying it's what I think is going to happen, only that I think it could happen. But what struck me yesterday is how little of this is dependent on Barack Obama being elected, or any other single event. Indeed, the reaction from the left will be similar if Obama is defeated: his defeat will be proof of how racist America is, even more racist than we thought, which proves we must do even more to combat racism, which feeds into step 4 above. In fact, the initial reaction from the left if Obama is defeated will be even worse! I can only imagine the vitriol, the rabid denunciations of America, the wishes that the older generation of white voters would just die off already, that I'll be treated to in November from my medical school classmates if Obama is defeated.

So, if Obama is elected, his failure to fix the problems caused by racism will inspire us to destroy ourselves, while if he is defeated, our racism will be proven and we will be inspired to destroy ourselves. We're Screwed '08 indeed. What's more, this situation could not have been permanently avoided by Obama's defeat in the primaries; eventually, a black candidate would have received a presidential nomination, and the results would be the same. Only a return to realistic views on race can save us. And since I believe most white liberals will never abandon their liberalism, only efforts by traditionalists to maintain pockets of resistance and to prevent liberals from seizing our entire society from us by prohibiting us from living together and communicating with each other can save us.


Anonymous said...

I think you are quite correct.


Terry Morris said...

I agree too. And it's the main reason I advocate for the restoration of constitutional federalism. So, you see, when I incessantly hit on state and local control of immigration policy, for instance, this is the reason.

Adam T. said...

Herm, this may be the first post where I really quite disagree with you in the main. I'm not convinced that it'll be blamed on 'society's lingering racism' if Obama loses; I think it'll be clear that he lost because he's an evil demon from the pit of Hell.

And man! The students at my med school are fairly liberal too, for the most part, but they're not anything like what you're making out! They're actually amenable to discussing issues. You must be deep in the heart of Boston or NY or some such.

stephenhopewell said...

I think you are right here, though you may be exaggerating some of the particulars. Having a black man as president (I want to say "president" with quotes) will unleash hitherto-unseen anti-white forces.

None of this, in my mind, justifies voting for the completely unacceptable McCain, though.

Dr.D said...

What the Left cannot accomplish by persuasion, they do not hesitate to accomplish by force, and they are absolutely driven in their sense of the rightness of their cause.

My small city has, until recently resisted having Planned Parenthood in our midst. They have tried to come to our town, but have been kept out until just recently they announced again that they were coming. We have had quite a debate about it locally, with strong opposition, but PP has much Federal funding and they have just elbowed their way right on in to our little city.

I have had two signs in my front yard opposing PP. The first night they were in place, they were removed, but I found them in the bushes by the side of the house. It was easy to put them back in place. Over this past weekend, they were completely taken away, as was every other sign of a similar sort on my street. It looks like systematic removal of all the signs opposing PP. The believe in choice, provided it is their choice and not mine.

The Left, which is largely white folks, will not hesitate to work tirelessly to bring about our downfall because they believe it is the right thing to do. They are dedicated to our destruction. We have no choice but to stop them.

Hermes said...

Stephen, it's true, I was exaggerating somewhat. I was going more for symbolism of the direction I think our society will head than a literal description of how it will play out.

Adam T., I was also exaggerating my classmates' predicted reactions, but not, I believe, without reason. I don't actually expect them to speak in such a manner out loud; their objections will no doubt be spoken in a lighthearted way. Maybe I'm not giving them enough credit, but when I read liberal message boards online, I see much more vitriol than I ever hear in person, presumably because of the cover of anonymity. For example, I've never actually heard someone in person say that they wish the older generation of conservative voters with their archaic, bigoted beliefs would just die off already, but I HAVE seen liberals say so, in pretty much exactly those words, countless times online. So I tend to assume that that's what liberals really think, and they just tone it down a bit in real life because they don't want to sound too rude.